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Lazzara History

Lazzara Yachts was founded by Vince Lazzara, a man from Chicago with a love of the ocean. But the company wasn’t always known as Lazzara. Mr. Lazzara was a chemical engineer who in 1955 built his own boat, a 40’ sailboat, which he christened Bounty II. He used new techniques and worked with AeroMarine to construct his sailboat. It was the largest fiberglass boat ever built, and it was beautiful. Mr. Lazzara enjoyed the challenge that went into designing Bounty II, so in 1960 he started Columbia yachts, which at the time was the producing more fiberglass sailboats for sale than any other company in the world. While he sold the successful Columbia, Mr. Lazzara still could not stay away from the water, and so he founded Gulfstar Yachts, which added motor yachts to the sailing boats for which Columbia was famous. Perhaps it was his belief that “God only gives you so many days, but the ones you spend at sea don’t count against you,” that kept drawing Mr. Lazzara back to designing bigger and better yachts for sale. Both of his sons, Brad and Dick, joined Gulfstar and the company became known worldwide as producing charter vessels.

Like their father, Dick and Brad had the ocean in their blood. In 1990 they founded Lazzara Yachts, a company that focused on customer needs and market gaps. Their innovative production process allowed clients to customize yachts to their own style and needs. The company designed a unique Skylounge Cabriolet, which covered the fly bridge to create more living space. It was the Cadillac of the motor yacht class.

Today, Lazzara Yachts for sale are highly customizable and personalized for each buyer. Vince Lazzara’s grandsons – Joe, Rich, Tony, and Steve – have all joined in the family business to add their own unique abilities to an ever-growing company.



Lazzara Yachts has been awarded many honors through the years, including:

  • MTU “Zero Defect” award, 1994
  • Showboats International award for semi-custom yachts, 2000
  • International Superyacht Design award for best power in the 23-32m range, 2000
  • American Society of Interior Designers, recognized numerous times



Lazzara Yachts for sale are designed and built in Tampa, Florida in a facility that emanates features of the auto industry’s production line. The highly-detailed construction process uses a “Horizontal Integration” system, which uses strict quality control regulations to craft each vessel on a set timetable while meeting the incredibly high standards of the company. Almost 300 craftsmen work on building, refitting, and repairing yachts for sale as well as a team which offers support before, during, and after the sale.


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  • November 24, 2013: Italian Shipyard CRN makes progress on the construction of the 122-foot Riva Yacht Mythos.
  • November 19, 2013: Mulder Shipyard announces the new construction of a 111-foot Mulder super yacht.
  • November 10, 2013: Several shipbuilders are working on new yacht constructions, including the Continentall II and Yacht Blue Coast.
  • October 20, 2013: Gulf Craft begins construction on its largest super yacht to date: Yacht Majesty 155.
  • October 12, 2013: Oceanco and designer Tim Heywood are working in conjunction to develop a new uper yacht known as Project DP017.

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